Flamenco class

starting Thursday OCTOBER 3rd at 7.30pm

image of a flamenco skirt

A new course starting October 3rd. Learn to dance a Sevillanas !

12 week course 7.30pm-9pm £77 (a hour and a half of flamenco dancing and flamenco history)

contact Sarah on 01258 863861, or email at slcb@3d-unlocked.co.uk

Shoes: bring dance/court shoes (preferably with a small heel) – NO TRAINERS or flats!

Clothes: leggings, comfortable stretchy jogging/yoga top and a flouncy skirt/gypsy skirt if possible.

click here to see a Sevillanas dance being performed

The course is for 12 weeks from 3rd October straight through to 19th December but you will only be paying for 11 classes (1 is free!). This is to allow for people who may have to miss a class due to other commitments.

Flamenco dancing focuses on strong core bodywork and does not involve twisting or bending. It is excellent for body toning, improving posture, balance and co-ordination. The music is uplifting and the ultimately it is a challenge that will make you feel proud. It does not matter what your body type is, or how old you are – in fact it is one of the few dances that gets better with age!